MDHealthCareServicesNJ  is a company which renders Professional bedside care to patients/clients in the Home, Hospital, Rehab, Nursing Home, Assisted Living etc. 

What makes us different from the rest is that we offer a wide variety of Professionals who render services from one spectrum of health care to another.  All Professionals work together to provide our clients with the best Health Care in the industry.  It has been proven when a variety of disciplines work together under one roof rendering services, superior Quality of Care is delivered.  This is OUR MISSION here at MDHealthCareServicesNJ.

We provide continuity of care after a discharge from the hospital/rehab or simply just needing the medical services that being home limited did not make it possible before because of the variety of personnel available.  By a PCP referring such disciplines to the home saves a patient/insurance carrier the unnecessary visit and financial burden of an Emergency Room Visit or Re-admission to the Hospital.  Needed Professionals render home visits to the patients, establish a baseline for all to share, create a repoire and follow a Plan of Care.  Our services range anywhere from IV Insertions/Infusions to a simple bed bath in the home.  Nothing limits our ability to render any type of service in any degree with the various type of Professionals we have on staff.

Our Companies Headquarters is based in Fort Lee, NJ-we have Locations and Personnel throughout the entire state of New Jersey.  Our On-Call Services are available for home visits twenty four (24) hours-seven (7) days per week.  Another feature that sets us apart from the rest is that our Company Staff is Multi-Lingual.

We have office staff and field professional staff who speak; English, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Armenian and Creole.

We can assist you at all levels with various Languages rendering Professional and Para-Professional Services.

The following are available services:


*  Physicians Assistant (PAs) 

*  Nurse Practitioners/Visiting Nurses

*  RNs, LPNs

*  Midwife

*  CNA

*  Podiatrist

*  Dermatologist

*  Dentist

*  Clinical Psychologist

*  Physical, Speech, Respiratory and/or Occupational Therapists

*  Nutritionists/Dietitians

*  Certified Home Health Aides

*  Blood work Technician 

​*  Optometrist

*  Live-Ins

*  Companions

*  Transportation

MDHealthCareServices will  accept private pay and  has contractual agreements with various reimbursement sources.

Call the office to inquire or email us at:

Home Care Services


​Superior Home Health Care  by  ​Medical Professionals